This place, let me tell you, is amazing. They not only helped me get a wonderful and future impacting job at Kaiser, but they also have helped me understand and hone my skills as a future professional. I am more than impressed with their level of professionalism but their level of commitment to getting their customers the jobs they need and the possible career jump needed to feel good about themselves. I do not work at Kaiser anymore, but I can easily say it was a wonderful experience and simply an easy transition. It gave me the jump start I needed to remind me of my goals and my future. I’d you ever get the pleasure of working with them. I would always go to SearchPros if I am ever I’m need of a career jump or a reminder of what I need to get done….

Nyvine H.
El Cajon, CA


I’ve never used a temp agency before, so I was a bit skeptical. But when you’ve been unemployed for the last 3-4 months, I was willing to try anything. So when I first walked into SearchPros I was greeted by the friendly, upbeat, and may I say attractive receptionist. Then I was given a couple of test to take and then I meet with the recruiter. The recruiter was nice and friendly as well. After talking for a couple of minutes and reviewing my resume I was given an option between 3 different temp positions. I am so thrilled with my experience at SearchPros. I’m telling all my unemployed friends to contact SearchPros because I went from being unemployed for the last 3-4 months to a temp position.

Chris M.
Sacramento CA


Search Pros Staffing is a great agency to work for.  When I was out of work and posted my resume on Careerbuilders; they found me.  I’ve been so elated with their ability to find me work based on my skills and qualifications.  Their recruiters knows how to match the employee with the work that’s needed by their clients, the employer.  I am grateful for their hard work and dedication in getting me back to work.  I have recommended them to many people I have been in contact with.  Keep up the excellent work Search Pros…I’m definitely a FAN!  

Phyllis L.
Huntsville AL


I’ve had a great experience with SearchPros! I have been at my location since April and now that my contract is expiring, I emailed my recruiter, and she immediately set me up with another interview on Monday. I recommend this place!!!  

Sean. S.
Sacramento, CA


I have been signed up with SearchPros for about 3 years, and have been on a number of assignments. Without exception, every job SearchPros has sent me to have been a good experience. They only sends me to good reputable companies that treat their employees (including temps) well. My current assignment at a well-established and growing mortgage company will hopefully become a permanent job very soon. Way to go SearchPros! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Santa Ana, CA


I have nothing bad to say about Search Pros! Right from the beginning they were very professional, and helpful with my job placement. Once I received an interview at SPS I was pleased with all the information they provided me with, and before I could get home from the interview I received a call from the recruiters; they stating that they have 3-4 jobs already to go for me. I was surprised and impressed regarding their determination to make sure I was satisfied to the maximum extent. I am now permanent with a job that SPS have provided for me and it really does suck that I’m no longer under their employment any longer. I know for sure if anyone decides to work through them, they will have success if they qualify and have the experienced desired! Thank you Search Pros!

Tiffany M.
Folsom, CA


I have nothing but love for SPS! Jay and the rest of the team have always been very helpful and attentive with any question or concern I could have. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking to spruce up their resume and find a great job.
I left a dead-end warehouse job and only had customer service experience from other jobs. After scoring well on the tests they administered, Jay interviewed me and set me up with a few interviews. After working at a few different office jobs for a few months bulking up my resume, I finally found a great job with a bright future.
The job I have is great and I work with other great people who were also sent here from SPS!
All in all they made my job search a very relaxing experience. Jay always reached out to me after a new assignment and checked up with me to make sure I liked the job and that it was going to be a good fit. I owe Jay and his team so much and am going to miss them!!!
Thanks SearchPros!!

Ryan S.
Fair Oaks, CA


The team at SearchPros Staffing are my only choice when I am looking for a position with the help of recruiters. They are professional, they don’t just “fish” for candidates like most of the other agencies do, posting jobs that don’t exist. Several of the companies I’ve met with say they prefer working with SearchPros to fill temporary as well as permanent positions that are open, which is the most credible aspect of using their services.

Taylor T.
Columbus, OH


This agency is awesome! This is the 2nd assignment they placed me about 4 years ago and are placing me again! My rep remembered me from before and recognizes that I am very employable and all along has been super quick at trying to place me. They have sent me to 5-6 interviews in the last 5 weeks. I am being extremely proactive- The other 8 agencies I am signed up with and applied for positions for online have not sent me on any interviews- so Search Pros really shines in my book :)

Natalie M.
Fort Worth, TX


I have worked for SearchPros since the beginning of the year and when laid off they have placed me at a new position. I am so very thankful for their help in finding work in this fierce job market. SearchPros has been my hero in ensuring I am not jobless and able to provide for my family. I cannot thank her and her team enough for all of their help. SearchPros is the best temp agency I have worked for. I have referred my friends and family to them because I know they are able to help place them. Thanks so much SearchPros.

San Rafael, CA


First of all, they are a PROFESSIONAL yet APPROACHABLE team. I LOVE that they are so FRIENDLY to me and my entry level background. I was contacted in for an interview. I took their online typing & 10key test. I went in for the interview with her and afterwards, she helped me “fix” myself on my interviewing etiquette. After that, she also helped revamped my resume and emailed it to me for my real interview with the company I am currently working for.

Citrus Heights, CA

I have to tell you guys, Searchpros has been a great blessing to me.  They are WONDERFUL to work with!!! I’VE REFERRED SEVERAL PEOPLE to Heather and one, just recently that she totally helped out, get a temp-to-hire position. Of course, it depends on YOUR computer skills how you will get that “job.”  My friend is now working full-time and is currently a temp-to-hire.  

Sacramento, CA

I was a temp-to-hire as well but I have been hired on after a few months and am currently working full-time.  Without Searchpros, I would NOT have my job and be where I’m at.  I’m moving up the corporate ladder and I would never have had this opportunity if Searchpros did not “find” me. :) Thank you, Searchpros for your continuous help and giving me a chance. :)

Grapevine, TX


The professional & friendly staff at Search Pros Staffing is awesome! When I was looking for work they stayed in contact with me and placed me with a well-respected growing bank. I would and have recommended Search Pros to my friends that are looking for work. They go above and beyond for their clients. She got me the pay I needed and the perfect job! I will forever be grateful to SearchPros and will continue to send her referrals.

San Francisco, CA


I would definitely recommend Search Pros Staffing to anyone looking for a job in the medical field or in the mortgage industry.  They quickly and efficiently placed me in a well-paying mortgage position and I know that the agency also places many people at Kaiser Permanente.

Fresno, CA


Search pros was phenomenal in helping me find a great job. They went above and beyond to answer questions whenever I had them and even found me a job with better starting pay than I was hoping for. I have already referred a few friends over there and they are in the process of getting new jobs too. I highly recommend them and if I ever need a job again I will definitely be calling them!

Denver, CO


Perfect match!  I can’t tell you how many staffing agencies have it wrong when trying to place me.  SearchPros not only placed me properly, they treated me with class and professionalism.  I would put SearchPros at the top of any list of staffing agencies. Keep up the great work!

Takeishia R.
San Jose, CA


I love Search Pros! They are extremely professional and helpful! They really take the time to find out what you are looking for and always send highly qualified candidates that are a great fit for the company. I wouldn’t use any other service! Thanks!!

Vacaville, CA


Great service comes from the result of great people working together as a Team.  Search Pros Staffing not only saved me time but they knew just where to place me. I was very surprised of how fast they were to find an assignment for me. I have never worked with an agency whose staff are more than just professionals but warm, friendly and personable. I feel at home with Search Pro Staffing and I am thankful, grateful and blessed to be working with people like SearchPros’ s Team – from day one, they provided me with all the information I needed and always had answers for any questions I may have. They are a great company to work, they are quick and work with excellence!

Linda H.
Charleston SC


I just wanted to say that Search Pros Staffing is one of the best temp services I have ever worked for. SearchPros is great to their employees! They makes it happen for me and always very quickly. Just wanted to compliment all of their staff for being very professional and a great company to work for.

Nancy M.
Anaheim CA


I believe that SearchPros is one of the BEST staffing search firms out there.  They are a small minority woman owned business that have been around for over 7 years.  I find that the staff is professional and they treat me as if I am part of their family.  :) They have a variety of well-respected clients in the Sacramento area.  I have been working with them throughout the years…when I need a job…and they always respond quickly.  They have always been my one stop shop when I need a job.  :)

Fort Worth TX