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Our focus is on People, Processes and Technology to ensure we provide our customers with unparalleled responsive, adaptive and measurable support towards program fulfillment.

SearchPros’ proactive Program Management/Fulfillment process has experience and skills and an unwavering commitment that has been developed and grown over decades. We have been nationally recognized and awarded, most recently by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as Supplier of the Year for our unparalleled support.

SearchPros Program Management approach and business strategy starts with obtaining a clear specific quality expectation from each client within the program, and then putting a proactive plan in place to meet and exceed all expectations.   This proactive plan will incorporate the quality assurances and quality control activities that will ensure the delivery objectives for the Service Summary are achieved. Led by our Program Manager to ensure program oversight and disciplined execution with a strong emphasis in quality and risk mitigation, SearchPros Program Management starts with a focus on maximizing our value generation by providing the best contractor at the best price for each project. Our Task Order (TO) delivery process for enterprise clients is managed by a dedicated service delivery team comprising of the Program Manager, Finance Manager, Operations Manager Human Resources and Employee Relations Specialists. They are supported by a centralized back office team that is responsible for Contracts, Billing, Payroll, Security, Accounts, HR, Legal, Recordkeeping, and Quality Assurance. Our organization is built with clear lines of communication, well defined roles and responsibility, accountability, a defined issue escalation path, backup capacity, and flexibility with passion to provide responsive and relevant services to our clients.   A standardized project methodology and work breakdown structure (WBS) is created with emphasis on planning and establishing baselines (scope, cost, and schedule).