Information Technology

SPS has extensive experience in providing IT solutions for mission-focused programs spanning from basic infrastructure support to advanced architectural design. SPS key to success is our focus on IT solutions based on lifecycle needs, risks, requirements, and industry best practices and our offerings include all areas of technical and business operations facilities, science and archival data centers, mission control applications and campus-wide network management.

Enterprise Computer Services—includes the design, implementation, transition, and operations of a robust set of computing services to include traditional data center operations, private cloud design, public cloud broker services, and hybrid cloud.

SPS Application Services includes the design, development, implementation, and operations and of enterprise, business, and mission applications in areas as diverse as GIS, mobile, and big data analytics. Additionally, SPS staff specializes in modernization (redevelopment, migration, or refactoring) of existing applications.

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Services—includes the design of IT security architectures and support of IT security organizations, to include support in policy development, compliance, and operations functions (via a Security Operations Center). In addition, includes the implementation of intrusion detection and monitoring capabilities, along with establishment and operations of robust continuous monitoring.